Martin Creed: “Work No. 1355,” 2012. Courtesy of the artist and Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York.

“My first reaction was to tell my husband to watch out because these nails protrude.”

“It’s in a perfect place next to the elevator. And it’s also a play on symmetry.”

“It’s weird.”

“Can I hang my purse here? Ask the artist that.”

“It reminds me of when I nail in hangers for paintings.”

“Are these nails? And what are nails anyway? That’s the question.”

“I don’t know. Is that a trick? Has it been made by one of the museum employees or is it a real installation?”

“I thought it was part of the elevator, part of the elevator’s mechanism.”

“A pretty nice coat rack. We could make that at home. Pretty cute. Like it.”

“I think it is the path to infinity.”

“I like it from the side best. It’s a ladder to heaven from here.”

“I think it’s birth to death. Just don’t know which end is which.”

“It is art. I see that. I just can’t explain it.”

“Well, different nails in different sizes, right? It’s a horizontal thing.”

“I think if the artist did more, it would be cooler. It’s just like, really? What?”

“The piece is independent. I’d rather use it than view it though.”

“Reminds me of a caterpillar. That’s what I see.”