The Colors in the Café


Posted October 30, 2012


Martin Creed
Work No. 1351, 2012
Emulsion on wall
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist and Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York
Installation view, Martin Creed Plays Chicago, MCA Chicago, 2012
Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago

While eating my lunch last week, 
I sat admiring Martin Creed’s recently installed Work No. 1351 (2012). 
Thick, intersecting stripes of color cover the wall in Puck’s café, adding 
a playful dimension to what was previously a very white and clean-feeling space. This piece feels spontaneous and light. As is often 
the case with Creed’s simple-
looking installations, a tremendous amount of planning and carefully choreographed installation took place behind the scenes to make this 
piece possible. The following is the surprisingly long list of colors that were used by MCA preparators to paint this mural:

Golden Bounty, Luminous Days, Golden Nugget, Sunshine, American Cheese, Banana Yellow, Wasabi, Bright Gold, Goldsmith, Sweet Pear, Sundance, Burnt Cinnamon, Orange, Paradise Beach, Pumpkin Cream, Vivid Peach, Festive Orange, 14 Carrots, Orange Burst, Marmalade, Butterscotch, Beeswax, Dark Salmon, Tawny Day Lilly, Jack O’Lantern, Raspberry Truffle, Rose Parade, Pink Ladies, Hot Lips, Crushed Velvet, Bordeaux Red, Fuchsine, Pink Ruffle, Neon Red, Red, Rose Quartz, Hot Apple Spice, Exotic Red, Royal Flush, Dog’s Ear, Light Chiffon Pink, Razzle Dazzle, Peaches ’n’ Cream, Magenta, Deep Carnation, Melrose Pink, Margarita, Neon Green, Citrus Green, Grenada Green, Lilly Pad, Avocado, Fresh Scent Green, Nile Green, Webster Green, Amelia Island Blue, Marine Aqua, Snow Cone Green, Emerald Isle, Mississippi Mud, Wenge, Seed Brown, Falcon Brown, Woodcliffe Lake, Tulsa Twilight, 
Onyx White, Almost Black, Picket Fence, Silver Lining, Gray Sky, Blue Springs, Albany White, Turret, Sweet Innocence, Desert Beach, Seacliff Heights, Bluebelle, Gulfstream, 
Deep Royal, Midnight, Spring Sky, Watercolour Blue, Black Satin, 
At Sea, Brazilian Blue, Baby Seal Black, Poolside Blue, Mosaic, Tropical Teal, Beau Green, Naples Blue, Rhythm and Blues, Dream I 
Can Fly, Blue Wave, Graceful Sea, Dark Royal Blue, Americana, 
Mauve Bauhaus, Violet Stone, Scandinavian Blue, Elderberry Wine, Pinot Grigio Grape, Crocus Petal Purple, After the Rain, Dark Lilac, Mystical Grape, Victorian Purple, Trout Gray, Ebony Slate, Espresso Bean, and Cobblestone Path.