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UBS 12 × 12:
New Artists/New Work:
Academy Records

Sep 5–30, 2003

Academy Records, a two-person collaborative project comprised of Steve Lacy and Andy Hall, coorganize projects that examine the social experience of works of art. For their 12 x 12 project, the duo creates a work that addresses aspects of the MCA itself: the entertainment at the event that functions as the opening for 12 x 12 projects, First Fridays, and the Sol LeWitt work installed in the sculpture garden.

At the June 6th First Friday event, Academy Records coordinates and videotapes a performance by a high school marching band from Barlett, Illinois, that takes place on the LeWitt sculpture garden work—an allusion to the work’s resemblance to a football field. The performance of the band represents an ironic twist on the very different musical acts, usually fashionable rock-and-roll bands or ultrahip DJs, that typically provide the entertainment at First Friday events. Academy Records presents the video footage of this event as the exhibition in September 2003.


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