Photo: Sangwoo Park Tacit Group Fri, Nov 30, 2012, 7:30–7:30 pm Martin Creed
Work No. 1020, 2009
Theatre show including ballet, talk, and music
Shown in performance at Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, UK, 2011
Photo: Hugo Glendinning, courtesy of the artist and Gavin Brown's enterprise, New York Martin Creed
Work No. 1020 (Ballet)
Nov 15–16, 2012
Mike Daisey
Photo: Ursa Waz Mike Daisey
American Utopias
Nov 1–11, 2012
Stew & The Negro Problem with Heidi Rodewald 
Photo: Sabine Scheckel Stew and the Negro Problem Oct 20–21, 2012 Photo © Armen Elliott ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble)
Correspondence: Cage and Boulez
Sat, Oct 6, 2012, 7:30–7:30 pm
Photo: John Hodgkiss Handspring Puppet Company
Woyzeck on the Highveld
Sep 27–30, 2012
The members of Los Cuatros Vientos (Justin Javier Enriquez, Juan Aguilar, Sulema Bracamonte and Ernie Ferra)
Photo: John Jota Leaños John Jota Leaños
Imperial Silence: Una Ópera Muerta
Sep 14–16, 2012
Fabian Prioville and Azusa Seyama in Wim Wenders' PINA
© Neue Road Movies GmbH, photo: Donata Wenders. A Sundance Selects release. Chicago Dancing Festival Aug 21–24, 2012 BAM!
Photo: Glen Kaupert Chicago Human Rhythm Project
Aug 1–4, 2012
Monica Cervantes. Photo: Jonathan Mackoff. Luna Negra Dance Theater
Luna Nueva
Jun 7–10, 2012
Photo © Chad Batka ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble)
Georges Aperghis and the New Gen...
Sat, May 26, 2012, 7:30–7:30 pm
DynamO Théâtre, Mur-Mur
Photo courtesy of the artists Stages, Sights & Sounds: DynamO Théâtre
May 6–12, 2012
Vélo Théâtre, The Postman
Photo courtesy of the artists Stages, Sights & Sounds: Vélo Théâtre
The Postman
May 2–9, 2012
Armitage Gone! Dance, GAGA-Gaku
Photo: Julieta Cervantes Armitage Gone! Dance
Drastic-Classicism, GAGA-Gaku, and The Watteau Duets
Apr 26–28, 2012
Marc Bamuthi Joseph
Photo: Bethanie Hines Marc Bamuthi Joseph: SHareOUT Sat, Apr 14, 2012, 1:30–4 pm Marc Bamuthi Joseph. Photo: Bethanie Hines. Marc Bamuthi Joseph/The Living Word Project w/ Theaster Gates
red, black a...
Apr 12–14, 2012
Teatr ZAR, Gospels of Childhood The Triptych  (part 3). Photo: Irena Lipinska Teatr ZAR: The Gospels of Childhood Triptych Mar 29 – Apr 1, 2012 eighth blackbird
Photo: Luke Ratray eighth blackbird: In C Sat, Mar 24, 2012, 10–10 pm Story Week Festival of Writers: Rick Kogan
Photo: Butcher Walsh Story Week Festival of Writers
Chicago Classics
Fri, Mar 23, 2012, 6–6 pm
eighth blackbird. Photo: Luke Ratray eighth blackbird:
The Music of Less/The Music of More
Mar 22–24, 2012
Diamanda Galás. Photo: Kristopher Buckle Schrei 27 Feb 24–26, 2012 Diamanda Galás. Photo: Kristopher Buckle. Diamanda Galás
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
Feb 23–25, 2012
ICE with Steve Lehman. Photo by Meerkat Media ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble)
George Lewis and Friends on the ...
Sun, Feb 5, 2012, 3–3 pm
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. Photo: Todd Rosenberg. Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
danc(e)volve: New Works Festival
Jan 19–22, 2012
Andrew Bird and Ian Schneller. Photo: Shane Welch Andrew Bird and Ian Schneller
Sonic Events
Dec 21–22, 2011
Taiko Legacy. Photo: Ken Carl. Tsukasa Taiko at JASC: Taiko Legacy 8 Dec 17–18, 2011 eighth blackbird. Photo: Luke Ratray. eighth blackbird
Music in the Making
Thu, Dec 8, 2011, 6–6 pm
Dance Exchange performing Liz Lerman's The Matter of Origins.
Photo: Jaclyn Borowski Dance Exchange
Liz Lerman’s The Matter of Origins
Nov 10–13, 2011
Eiko + Koma: Naked. Photo: Anna Lee Campbell. Eiko & Koma:
Nov 8–13, 2011
Lucky Plush Productions. Photo: Cheryl Mann. Lucky Plush Productions:
The Better Half
Oct 27 – Nov 6, 2011