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World Music Festival: Chicago 2007

Sep 14–19, 2007

Presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs with the MCA.

The MCA is a primary venue for this city-wide, week-long festival showcasing both traditional and contemporary music from many of the world’s diverse cultures.

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Friday, September 14, 7:30 pm
Dhoad Gypsies of Rajastan / Lamajamal

Saturday, September 15, 7:30 pm
Chirgilchin / Hazmat Modine

Wednesday, September 19, 7:30 pm
Lenka Dusilovâ / Brina / Eastern Blok

About the Artists

Dhoad Gypsies
Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan descend from the itinerant troubadours who entertained kings during maharaja-era India. A shimmering mix of religions and castes, this group exhilarates audiences with enchanting traditional music, dance, and fire-eating fakirs.

Lamajamal juxtaposes wild electric guitars and pulsating drums against sensuous lines for clarinet, oud, and dulcimer. Born out of the ethnically diverse music scene in Chicago, Lamajamal fuses the unique backgrounds and talents of each member to create a fascinating journey through dub and jazz, ancient and modern.

Chirgilchin captivates audiences with the extraordinarily magical art of throat singing, a vocal form in which one singer simultaneously produces and harmonizes multiple voices. Hailing from Tuva, home of the world’s finest throat singers, Chirgilchin is part of an ancient tradition that thrives in only a few central Asian countries today.

Hazmat Modine
New York-based band Hazmat Modine fuses genres as diverse as reggae, klezmer, country, gypsy music, and whorehouse blues to create their boldly original sound. With their musical wit, expert musicianship, and unique instruments—including the sheng, the ancient Chinese mouthorgan; and the cimbalom, the Romanian hammered dulcimer—they have won devoted audiences across the globe.

Lenka Dusilovâ
Lenka Dusilovâ is one of the reigning queens of popular Czech music. Her 2005 CD Mezi Svety (“Between Worlds”) took the Czech music world by storm, reaching gold record status within weeks of release, and won two Czech Grammys. Her earlier solo efforts, Lenka Dusilovâ and Spatrit svetlo svetaâ (“See the light”) also achieved gold record status, and the single “Pro Tebeâ” (For You) spent eight weeks in the Top 20. In addition to her solo work, since 2000 she has recorded and performed with the Czech Republic’s preeminent folk-rock band, Czechomor. During the 1990s, she was a member of several Czech Grammy-winning groups and has collaborated on the soundtracks for several films.

With its innovative and fresh spirit, Brina breathes new life into traditional music. Formed in 2003 and named after its lead singer Brina Vogelnik, the Slovenian ensemble also performs critically acclaimed original repertoire.

Eastern Blok
With its blend of classical and jazz with the rich folkloric traditions of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia, Eastern Blok creates music without borders. Audiences cross the globe are consistently thrilled by Eastern Blok’s lyrical, sensuous sound and white-hot virtuosity. The performance will be recorded for a future CD release.