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The David Bowie Variety Hour

Sep 26–27, 2014


In conjunction with David Bowie Is

At the David Bowie Variety Hour, you’ll experience an incredible array of styles from across the spectrum of Chicago’s dynamic performance community—from synthpop to hip-hop, from burlesque to body positive. Culture curator Jyldo hosts an evening of glitter and glam to celebrate master chameleon David Bowie. Put on your red shoes for a rollicking evening with Chicago club and stage stars—all anchored by Nick Davio’s house band.


Program Notes

About the Artists

Performance quartet BAATHHAUS combines glam surrealism with a synthpop dance sound in a genderbending take on David Bowie’s Scary Monsters.

BOOM CRACK! Dance Company pushes the boundaries of hip-hop dance by creating concept-based sets with high-energy “controlled chaos.” The company performs a new medley set to a mix of classic Bowie songs.

Chicago Tap Theatre uses their conversational dance style to reimagine the music of David Bowie, performing artistic director Mark Yonally’s choreography to “Under Pressure,” with live music from Nick Davio’s band.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Davio is the musical director for the David Bowie Variety Hour. Holding court with his house band and MC Jyldo, Nick Davio leads an impressive roster of guest vocalists, including Molly Brennan (500 Clown, Barrel of Monkeys) on Bowie’s “Heroes”.

Jyl Fehrenkamp MCs the David Bowie Variety Hour as Jyldo, a congenial host who slides between conceptual performance and offering barbed insights into the world of Bowie.

The multitalented Kasey Foster closes the David Bowie Variety Hour in her signature Dance Tribute style with rousing versions of two very different Bowie songs: “7 Years in Tibet” and “Golden Years.”

LADY/WATCH is a duo of queer performance art dancejokers: Tien Tran and Kieran Kredell.

Cabaret artist Meredith Miller performs with her duo Lovers’ Quarrel, selecting songs from David Bowie’s mid-1970s plastic soul style embodied in his album Young Americans.

The Salt makes smart, sexy dances to pop songs. For this program they’re exploring Bowie’s grittier side—think “Queen Bitch” or “Rebel Rebel.” The Salt is the newest project of Erin Kilmurray, known and loved for her feisty burlesque extravaganza The Fly Honeys.

Every Variety Hour needs some commercial breaks, and ours come from the creators of Adventure Sandwich, the live-action kids’ cartoon made with their key ingredient, Imaginnaise (tastes like a dream)!