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Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes with MAVerick Ensemble
El Gallo: opera for actors

Apr 27 – May 1, 2011

Part of the MCA Global Stage series

Uncover the artistic process: An engrossing experimental theater performance in which the production process is the core of the story. A music director and six singers push themselves to the limits of an audition and rehearsal. As the characters abandon their deepest inhibitions, they find themselves teetering between unforeseen situations and true moments of euphoria. Sung entirely in a made-up language, the performance features a score by British composer Paul Barker, performed live by Chicago’s MAVerick Ensemble. This marks the second appearance on the MCA Stage by Mexico City-based Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes after the March 2009 performance of Monsters and Prodigies.

About the Artists

Founded by Claudio Valdis Kuri in 1997, Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes is an internationally-acclaimed theater company. Their members have won awards for past productions, including 2003’s The Grey Automobile, which marked their Chicago debut during the Latino Theater Festival; and 2005’s Monsters and Prodigies: The History of the Castrati, which marked their MCA Stage debut. The group members’ extensive range of multidisciplinary training, research, risk-taking, and debate defines a signature creative process that aims to avoid repetition of former models and previous discoveries.


Support for this performance is provided by the Consulate General of Mexico, Chicago, and the Mexico Tourism Board. The MCA is proud to participate in Chicago’s celebration of Mexico 2010.

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