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Talk: Taylor Mac’s String Theory, Or Can You `Ukelele

Sat, Sep 28, 2013, 1–2:30 pm


Taylor Mac: History of Popular Music
Photo: Niall Walker

In the true spirit of Kulia I Ka Lokahi—that’s unity to us mainlanders—Taylor Mac and Lanialoha Lee are your hosts for this show-and-tell for singers, strummers, and music theater fans. Lanialoha is a third generation musician and descendant of the first Polynesians who migrated to the Midwest. Inspired in part by Mac’s theater exploration of political popular music in the US, their interactive talk starts in Hawaii, where string music and ranch songs are said to have been spread by roaming early Spanish cowboys. Lanialoha also demonstrates Kie Kie, the islands’ distinct yodeling, and Ki Ho’alu, slack-key guitar. They may need assistance from the audience, so start practicing.