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Talk: Behind Closed Doors: The Psychology of Our Domestic Spaces with Dr. Ilianna Kwaske

Sat, Aug 10, 2013, 3–4 pm

Ilianna Kwaske

Ilianna Kwaske
Photo Credit: Michael Gold

What differentiates house from home? Join Dr. Ilianna Kwaske for a conversation about how we define our domestic space. Artworks in the exhibition Homebodies are used to discuss how the interaction between domestic space and its occupants can enhance or impair psychological well being.

Dr. Ilianna Kwaske is an industrial-organizational psychologist and managing principal for the office of Ron Kwaske, Architect. Kwaske directs the programming for the architectural practice, applying psychological principles to better understand client needs. She is very interested in the interaction of people and the built environment. Kwaske believes the design and design elements of a space can influence the mood and behaviors (such as satisfaction and productivity) of the space’s occupants. Kwaske earned her master of science in psychology, with a specialization in Clinical Psychology, and her doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Before devoting her professional time to solely being a practitioner, she spent several years in higher education as a professor, department chair, and finally academic dean. Kwaske has also worked as a consultant to organizations conducting psychological assessments for employment purposes.