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Schrei 27

Feb 24–26, 2012


Diamanda Galás. Photo: Kristopher Buckle

“This is a work that demands attention… It creates a sense of panic, sometimes as something we read, and sometimes as something we might start to feel.”
– Robert Pacitti (Director of SPILL Festival)

Schrei 27 is both a screen work and a sonic experience, and is the first major film project for Diamanda Galás. She collaborated with Italian film and video artist Davide Pepe to portray the oppression of an asylum—the warehousing of an individual either for political or personal reasons. Over the course of 27 minutes, the viewer is subject to contrasts between intense sound and images, and stark monochromatic silence. Pain, a longing for escape, dark versus light, and heat versus cold, are examined as the film moves through portraits of induced confessions. Galás is featured in the film using the atypical speech and vocal signal processing that she has been researching since 1979; the film also features her original painted images and actor Salvatore Bevilacqua.

Schrei 27 is presented as a companion to the MCA Stage presentation of Diamanda Galas: Where Were You When They Crucified My Lord. The film is the visual analogue to a 1994 radio work also titled Schrei 27, which consists of several short performances alternating extreme high-energy vocal work with absolute silence. The film premiered in London in April 2011, presented by the Spill Festival and the Barbican Center. The MCA Chicago screenings mark its U.S. premiere; it will be screened in Mexico City in April 2012.