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Saturday Strip: Comic Day MCA

Sat, Jul 27, 2013


Paul Hornschemeier: Bubbleheads
Courtesy of the artist

The MCA presents Saturday Strip to showcase all that is amazing in the world of independent comics, cartoons, and animation in Chicago. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes, this day-long event includes something for everyone, whether you’re 9 or 90. Buy rare books and original artwork at a pop-up comic fair copresented by the MCA Store and Chicago’s renowned Quimby’s Bookstore; enjoy screenings of animated short films programmed by the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation; and take part in a large-scale, collaborative comic jam with local comic collective Trubble Club.

Watch Chicago’s celebrated Second City perform comic-themed improv and the live cinema group Manual Cinema’s feature-length shadow puppet performance. Hear different perspectives on the Chicago comic scene from Paul Hornschemeier, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and the Ladydrawers Comics Collective, as well as Darryl Holliday and E. N. Rodriguez of Illustrated Press: Chicago. Get tips on how to make your own mini-comics and animated films in workshops run by cartoonists and animators like Jeff Brown, Lilli Carré, and Alexander Stewart. Immerse yourself in groundbreaking digital comics, and experience unique comic-related performances including DJ sets by Steve Krakow; readings by local cartoonists presented by Brain Frame’s Lyra Hill; and Ezra Claytan Daniels’s live art spectacle, The Comic Art Battle.

The event ends with a screening of the feature films Ghost World and Art School Confidential, written by Daniel Clowes and directed by Terry Zwigoff. The films are introduced by comic scholar Hillary Chute, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Chicago and author of Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics. The screening starts at 6 pm and takes place in the Edlis Neeson Theater.


Trubble Club Comic Jams, 10 am–5 pm, Plaza and Sculpture Garden
Watch cartoonist collective Trubble Club, as they compose a large-scale chalk drawing on the front plaza over the course of the day. Join in on the activity in the sculpture garden, where they run a day-long comic jam workshop.

Comic Fair, 10 am–6 pm, 1st Floor Lobby
The MCA Bookstore and Quimby’s Bookstore copresent a pop-up comic fair. Meet local cartoonists and buy rare books, comics, and even original artworks.

Animation Workshop, 10 am–5 pm, Kanter
Make collaborative animations in a workshop run by Eyeworks Festival of Animation cofounders, Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré. The resulting works, made on both digital video and 16 mm film, are screened throughout the day.

The Secret History of Chicago Music DJ sets, 10 am–5 pm, Terrace
Artist and musician Steve Krakow (aka Plastic Crimewave) performs a series of DJ sets inspired by his info-strip The Secret History of Chicago Music, which looks at “pivotal Chicago musicians that somehow have not gotten their just dues.”

Digital Comics, 10 am–5 pm, 4th floor Lake Gallery
Experience two groundbreaking digital comics: Trubble Club’s The infinite Corpse, an online collaborative comic open to everyone in the world who makes or wants to make comics; and Ezra Claytan Daniels’s immersive science fiction graphic novel, Urban Soul.

Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation, 10 am–1:30 pm, Edlis Neeson Theater
Eyeworks showcases outstanding experimental animation of all sorts: classic films, new works and rare masterpieces. Founded in 2010 by Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré, Eyeworks is held annually in Chicago, with additional curated programs presented in Chicago and other cities throughout the year. The program for Saturday Strip highlights the relationship between comics and experimental animation.

Paul Hornschemeier: The Cartoonist Studio, 11:30 am–1 pm, Education Studios
Join renowned cartoonist Paul Hornschemeier (Life with Mr. Dangerous, The Three Paradoxes) as he leads a workshop that explores the process involved in the creation of a comic book. Work with him each step of the way, from penciling to inking, coloring to printing.

Illustrated Press: What is Comic Journalism? 11:30 am–12:30 pm, 4th floor lobby
The Illustrated Press is an experiment in journalism—narrative non-fiction stories told through first hand reportage and finely tuned sequential art. Darryl Holliday and E. N. Rodriguez, the team behind Illustrated Press, lead a conversation on comic journalism. In addition, with the help of reporters, Holliday and Rodriguez produce a piece of live comic journalism about the Saturday Strip event.

The Second City, 1–1:45 pm and 3–3:45 pm, Daniel Clowes gallery
Performers from the world’s premier comedy club do live, in-gallery improv based on the comics of Daniel Clowes.

The Comic Art Battle, 1:30–2:30 pm, Sculpture Garden
Devised in 2004 by comics creator Ezra Claytan Daniels, the Comic Art Battle infuses the sacred art of comics creation with the flippant irreverence of improv comedy and the swaggering bravado of professional wrestling. The result is a live art spectacle that pits the comic book world’s most talented creators, writers, and artists against each other in a clash of lightning-quick wits and spontaneous draftsmanship.

Jeff Brown: The Cartoonist Studio, 2–4 pm, Education Studios
Collaborate with cartoonist Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy) in the making of a minicomic. Brown demonstrates the techniques and materials he uses to create his autobiographical comics, integrating story ideas from the audience as together you produce an original minicomic. Workshop participants will take home a xeroxed copy of the comic.

Manual Cinema: Ada/Ava, 3–4 pm, Edlis Neeson Theater
Manual Cinema combines handmade shadow puppetry, cinematic motifs, and live sound manipulation to create immersive theatrical stories.  For Saturday Strip they perform Ada/Ava:
“Bereaved of her twin sister Ava, septuagenarian Ada solitarily marks time in the patterns of a life built for two. However, a traveling carnival and a trip to a mirror maze plunges her into a journey across the thresholds of life and death. Set in a landscape of the New England gothic, Ada/Ava uses a story of the fantastic and super natural to explore mourning and melancholy, self and other.”

Brain Frame Comic Reading, 3:30–4:30 pm, Terrace
Brain Frame founder Lyra Hill presents a series of performative readings by local cartoonists in a program that highlights the art of writing in comics. Participants include Corinne Mucha, Eric Rivera, Halle Butler, and Ian Endsley.

The Ladydrawers Comics Collective talk, 4–4:45 pm, Daniel Clowes galleries
The Ladydrawers is an unofficially affiliated group of women, transgender, and non-binary gender folks who research, perform, and publish comics and texts about the ways economics, race, sexuality, and gender impact the comic industry. For this in-gallery talk they discuss the representation of women in independent comics.

Ghost World and Art School Confidential, 6–10 pm, Edlis Neeson Theater
This screening brings together two films based on comics by Daniel Clowes: Ghost World and Art School Confidential. The screening is introduced by comic scholar Hillary Chute, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Chicago and author of Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics.

Ghost World
Written by Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff
Directed by Terry Zwigoff
2001, USA, 111 min

Art School Confidential
Written by Daniel Clowes and directed by Terry Zwigoff
2006, USA, 102 min