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RESFEST 2006 Digital Film Festival

Oct 19–22, 2006


Image from Rabbit, directed by Run Wrake

RESFEST returns to the MCA to celebrate its 10th anniversary of presenting today’s most compelling short films, digital media, animation, and feature-length documentaries. Since 1997, RESFEST has gathered the work of the most influential filmmakers in music videos, animated shorts, and documentaries to create a powerful showcase of the future of film.

This year the 45-city international tour kicks off in Chicago with several world premieres; a collection of the best shorts from 10 years of RESFEST; a showcase of horror flicks; a documentary on the final performance of the original Wu-Tang Clan; and a decade of cutting-edge music videos by Radiohead. At ten years old, RESFEST continues to fiercely champion creative, inventive, quirky, and brave filmmaking.

October 19
8 pm–RESFEST Shorts 1: State of the Art
RESFEST’s flagship program of short works melds live action, animation, motion graphics, and documentary to prove there are no boundaries in the creation of film. This international collection represents works from six different countries, from South Africa to Korea, and includes three world premieres.

9:30 pm–10th Anniversary Party
Come toast ten years of progressive filmmaking. Cake and champagne will be served to all ticket holders. (Must be 21 to enjoy the champagne)

October 20
7 pm–RESFEST Shorts 2: Out of the Box
The international flavor continues with this showcase of shorts. Filmmakers worldwide further expand the possibilities of short film narrative, construction, and technology.

9 pm–Videos that Rock
Rock’s not dead! Bands like Mogwai, Bright Eyes, Pinback, and Death Cab for Cutie continue to redefine music and their videos reflect that spirit of innovation. Don’t expect traditional performance videos here, as filmmakers take advantage of the music video format to construct visual feasts that create a new narrative for the music.

11 pm–RESFEST Shorts 3: Fear and Trembling
What makes the human psyche crave fear? These filmmakers dish out heaps of the horror we desire. Polish director Marcin Pazera’s premiere, Moloch, twists the relationship between factory and worker, while American Carter Smith’s Sundance Joint Best Short winner BugCrush draws on our country’s epidemic of teenage violence in a tale of cliques and social pressure in a suburban high school. This late night program taps the subconscious and lays out mini-nightmares of fright and delight.

October 21
3 pm–By Design
RESFEST’s annual survey of motion graphics, animation, computer-generated imagery, and broadcast design continues to show us the newest and most innovative in these new media. Gorgeous, imaginative new works from two RESFEST alumni, Takagi Masakatsu’s Bloomy Girls, and US Heros Impactist’s Zoo Room highlight the mind-blowing possibilities of digital film. Longtime RESFEST collaborator Ben Stokes presents a world premiere of his Dub Projector.

5 pm–Everything Under the Sun: Filmmaking with a Purpose
Filmmakers respond directly to the complex issues of modern life. In a time when there is an increasing drive to examine morality and responsibility, these artists tackle nuclear proliferation, globalization, stem-cell research, and environmental crisis.

7 pm–Cinema Electronica
This collection of the most exciting electronic music videos is a showcase for more visual ingenuity set to the music of Massive Attack, Basement Jax, and Hifana.

9 pm–Feature Film: Rock the Bells
This thrilling documentary from directors Casey Suchan and Denis Henry Hennelly captures the chaos and triumph of one ambitious concert promoter’s seemingly impossible dream to reunite all nine members of the Wu-Tang clan. Filmed at the 2004 California festival Rock the Bells festival just months before the death of beloved member Ol’ Dirty Bastard, the film features performances by Redman, Dilated Peoples, Supernatural, and Sage Francis, and has been described as the Woodstock of the hip-hop generation.

October 22
3:30 pm–A Decade of RESFEST: 10 Seminal Short Films
Since its inception as a one-off gallery screening of new digital work in San Francisco, RESFEST has consistently championed the handmade, the DIY, the brave, and the boundary expanding. In honor of the festival’s 10th anniversary, ten landmark short films have been chosen to showcase a timeline of innovation and advancement. These films, including Michael Overbeck’s Tongues and Taxis; Bob Sabiston’s Snack and Drink; and Stefan Nadalman’s Terminal Bar, have become the stuff of RESFEST lore.

5:30 pm–Unsung Heroes: Music Video Gems from the Archives
Innovative directors make music videos an art form in these classic promos for groups like Air, Cornelius, UNKLE, Phoenix, and many other innovators.

7:30 pm–Radiohead, the Visionaries: A Decade of Breaking New Talent
Radiohead have done more than most to break new filmmaking talent with their carefully constructed and always artful music videos. RESFEST loves to champion new talent as well, so this 10th anniversary program is the perfect vehicle to showcase the band’s highly distinctive body of film work. This special collection was created in collaboration with commissioner Dilly Gent, and features some very special surprises.

9 pm–Closing Night Party @ Sonotheque
Free admission with ticket stub or RESPASS

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