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Tuesday Evenings at MCA: A House Unbuilt, “Dinner Dance”

Tue, Oct 1, 2013, 10  am–5 pm

A House Unbuilt is a Chicago-based conceptual dance theater company invested in social choreography, a form of movement research combining the language of dance with the tactics of social practice art. Dinner Dance, an interactive, choreographed dinner, combines culinary and performance-based art, while emphasizing the social interactions of a shared meal.

Responding to themes of domesticity explored in the exhibition Homebodies, A House Unbuilt present a series of daylong performances that ask visitors to participate in activities around the preparation of a dinner party, including resetting tables, washing dishes, and making toasts. The performance ends with a six-course dinner, during which visitors are invited to sit down at a banquet table with members of A House Unbuilt to share a meal, join in conversation, and, by doing so, help shape the dance.