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Mon, Jan 28, 2013, 6–9 pm

Miguel Gutierrez

Miguel Gutierrez, Show Box L.A., 2011
Image courtesy of the artist

NOTE: This workshop takes place at defibrillator, 1136 North Milwaukee

The irreverent performance artist/writer engages participants of all levels in his improvisation and performance practice, which centers on the senses—the primary, movement, energetic and creative senses—to invert the conventional proposition that thought comes before action. This workshop induces people to use their full range of emotional and expressive possibilities to answer the questions “what constitutes communication, good improvisation, listening and development.”

About the Artist

Miguel Gutierrez is a New York-based dance artist who creates solo and group pieces with a variety of artists under the moniker of Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People. Gutierrez’s work is centered on process-focused experimental dance while drawing on far-reaching influences such as endurance-based performance art; noise music; ecstatic experience in social and religious rituals; the study of mind/body somatic systems; and various histories of spectacle including Broadway, Vegas, and queer performance in alternative clubs from the 80s to today. Gutierrez assembled the first incarnation of the Powerful People in 2001. Committed to working outside the traditional model of a dance company, Gutierrez sees the participating artists in his work—dancers, composers, designers and visual artists—as part of an ever-expanding net of inspiring collaborators. Regardless of the scale of the project, Gutierrez’s goal is to create challenging and thought-provoking performance experiences.

Previous works include HEAVENS WHAT HAVE I DONE (2010); I SAY THE WORD (2010), a collaboration with Jenny Holzer; Last Meadow (2009), which received a Bessie Award for Creative Team; Nothing, No thing (2008); Everyone (2007); myendlesslove (2006); and Retrospective Exhibitionist and Difficult Bodies (2005), which received a Bessie Award for Choreography. He has performed at festivals and venues nationally and internationally, including the American Realness Festival in New York, NY; Festival D’Automne in Paris; Antipodes Festival in Brest, France; TBA/PICA in Portland, Oregon; Out There Festival at the Walker Art Center; UNAM in Mexico City; and ImPulsTanz in Vienna, Austria.

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