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Keith A. Buchholz: Imaginary City for John Cage

Oct 9–14, 2012

Keith A. Buchholz

Courtesy the artist

In conjunction with the MCA DNA: John Cage exhibition, MCA presents an installation by Keith A. Buchholz, Imaginary City for John Cage, for one week only: Tuesday, October 9, through Sunday, October 14, in the 4th floor lobby. The installation, influenced by Cage’s compositions using radios and the radio theater work The City Wears a Slouch Hat (1942), consists of vintage radios that visitors can tune to create unique and ever-changing soundscapes.

The artist is giving a special presentation in the gallery on Tuesday, October 9, at 6 pm, which includes a performance of excerpts from one of Cage’s best known works, Indeterminacy (1959/2009) that encourages visitor participation.