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In-Gallery Performance: Trio Clarice, Trace

Sun, Jul 14, 2013, 3–4 pm

Trio Clarice (Carol Genetti on voice/electronics, James Falzone on clarinet, and Jeff Kimmel on clarinet) give a premiere performance of a work by Genetti live in the Amalia Pica exhibition. Inspired by Pica’s interest in the metaphors of communication, the composition Trace is based on cognates, or words from different languages that have common linguistic origins. Genetti uses ideas related to cognates as a conceptual foundation for the work, including the complexities of communication and the way that forms and meanings of sounds replicate and/or change over time.

Carol Genetti is a multimedia artist, vocalist, composer, and sound installation artist. Her work is focused on the interplay between the voice as an expressive musical instrument and its extension into the sound-making realm. She has studied a variety of techniques including Western singing, Hindustani classical voice and Bulgarian folk music. She has developed a personal yet universal palette of techniques that is an abstraction of “extended” voice sounds — breaths, overtones, and disconnected textual bits, squeaks, growls, non-verbal tones – sounds that evoke unconscious emotions and human physicality. Genetti has toured throughout the US, Canada, France and Germany and has collaborated with artists such as Eric Leonardson, Tatsu Aoki, the trio Nom Tom with Jack Wright and Jon Mueller, Adam Sonderberg, and Asimina Chremos. She has composed sound/music scores for Hedwig Dance Company, Sonic Celluloid Festival and the Outer Ear Sound Arts Festival.

James Falzone is a multi-faceted clarinetist/composer and acclaimed member of Chicago’s jazz and creative improvised music scene. He is a contemporary music lecturer and clinician and longtime Director of Music for Grace Chicago Church and an award-winning composer who has been commissioned by chamber ensembles, choirs, and symphony orchestras around the globe. He leads his own ensembles KLANG and Allos Musica and has released eight recordings on Allos Documents, a label he founded in 2000. James has performed in recital halls and jazz venues throughout North America and Europe and was nominated as the 2011 Clarinetist of the Year by the Jazz Journalist Association. He currently teaches at Columbia College Chicago and will be a Visiting Professor of Music at Deep Springs College in California in 2013.

Jeff Kimmel is a Chicago-based bass clarinetist, improviser, composer and music presenter. His work encompasses a commitment to expand the timbral possibilities of the bass clarinet while presenting the instrument in a variety of formats; and he strives to foster a collaborative music community by facilitating opportunities for musicians. Kimmel attended the New England Conservatory of Music and relocated to Chicago to become part of the city’s vibrant jazz and improvised music scene as a performer, and co-curator of the Protest Series at Heaven Gallery. Jeff regularly performs with a diverse array of ensembles, including ragtime with The Great Crush, notated experimental music on the a.per.i.od.ic music series, and collaborations with local improvisers. He has been featured on several recordings and released a CD of his original quartet music, Charm Offensive in 2011 to critical acclaim. He was in residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2011