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Hip-Hop Live + Reel
Henry Chalfant: Style Wars and From Mambo to Hip-Hop

Thu, Apr 24, 2008


Presented in partnership with Young Chicago AuthorsColumbia College Chicago. DJ-ed by Itch13.

Thursday, April 24, 7 pm
$5 Ticket includes admission to both screenings

Buy tickets online or call the box office at 312.397.4010.

7 pm
Screening: Style Wars by Henry Chalfant and Tony Silver, 1983 (69 min)
Focusing primarily on graffiti as it contributed to the hip-hop culture when it was still actually a subculture, director Tony Silver and his co-producer and photographer Henry Chalfant also peek at break dancing and MC-ing just seconds before the genre became a worldwide phenomenon. Released in the shadow of Charlie Ahearn’s Wild Style and often examined in conjunction for their shared place in the hip-hop ethos, Style Wars delivered a contemporary aesthetic all its own and has recently been resurrected with an impressive DVD release and acclaimed accompanying websiteFollowing this screening, documentary filmmaker Henry Chalfant discusses his work, Style Wars (1983) and From Mambo to Hip-Hop (2006). This appearance is dedicated to the memory of Style Wars co-director Tony Silver.

8:30 pm
Screening: From Mambo to Hip-Hop: A South Bronx Tale by Henry Chalfant, 2006 (60 min)
Henry Chalfant’s more recent foray into hip-hop documentary presents a panoramic view of the music that blossomed in the Latin community of the South Bronx from the late 1940’s when mambo burst onto the New York cultural scene through the birth of hip hop in the 1970s. The film chronicles two generations who grew up literally on the same streets, and both used rhythm as their forms of rebellion – for the older generation it was the pulsating rhythms of Cuba, and for their children it was the rhythms of rap.

9:30 pm
DVD/Book signing: Henry Chalfant


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