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Three Plus Three

Tue, Oct 25, 2011, 1:30–1:30 pm


(Left to right) Steven Hess, Adam Sonderberg, and Joseph Clayton Mills. Courtesy of the artists.

In conjunction with The Language of Less: Then and Now, Chicago-based experimental musicians Haptic celebrate the release of their latest recording, Scilens, with a return to the MCA to present Three Plus Three. Augmenting their core trio with three additional musicians, the group performs a long-form work drawing from John Cage’s “time bracket” scheme, a compositional technique that gives individual performers a great deal of latitude within carefully prescribed parameters. Approaching sound as a sculptural, as well as acoustic and temporal, phenomenon, the musicians are positioned throughout the museum’s atrium and third floor gallery walkway in a deliberately decentralized, nonhierarchical arrangement. The flexibility afforded to each musician through the use of time brackets produces ensemble playing that is subtle and spacious, with allowances for extended silences, small gestures, and a complex interplay of precision and openness.


Steven Hess, percussion and sine tones
Joseph Clayton Mills, electronics
Adam Sonderberg, percussion and sine tones
Nomi Epstein, violin and stones
Keefe Jackson, reeds
Jason Stein, bass clarinet

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