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Gallery Talk: Gaylen Gerber

Sat, Jun 22, 2013, 3–4 pm


Installation view, Gaylen Gerber, MCA Chicago, 2013
Image courtesy of the artist and Tom Van Eynde

Join artist Gaylen Gerber and the MCA’s Marjorie Susman Curatorial Fellow and exhibition curator, Kristin Korolowicz, in a conversation about the works on view in the exhibition Gaylen Gerber.

Gaylen Gerber’s work often incorporates the artwork of other artists in its realization. In some instances, he invites other artists to intervene on his work, layering their artwork over his own. In other instances, he layers his work over other artists’ work, sometimes literally painting over them. In doing so Gerber focuses our attention on a central aspect of perception, which is that to perceive something you must first distinguish it from its context or background. By positioning his work as the contextual ground against which we see other activities or artworks, Gerber draws attention to the permeability of the distinctions between object and context and fundamentally questions perception itself. Gerber has exhibited widely, the current exhibition is his first monographic exhibition with the MCA.