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Family Day: Spring Greening

Sat, Apr 14, 2012, 11  am–3 pm

Family Day

Family Day, March 13, 2010. Photo: Jolie Cota Flink, © MCA Chicago

Join the MCA in celebrating Earth Day. Look, make, and think together as you explore and create art that respects the environment.

Studio: Try to Fly
Explore the process artists often work through: create something, try it out, and then change what didn’t work as you construct a kite and see if it flies with artist Shoshanna Utchenik.

Studio: 100% Cotton
Inspired by the minimalist materials in The Language of Less exhibition, use only cotton balls as you work with artist Cheryl Pope to create patterns of all kinds.

Studio: Grow Garden Grow
With artist Alex Chitty, be inventive with paper as you sculpt and contribute to ongoing garden that will grow throughout the day.

Studio: Being Green
Make Chicago truly “green” as you work with artist Tim Nickodemus to transform the existing cityscape into a collaborative green artwork.

Scavenger Hunt
Use picture clues to find six artworks. Once your search is complete, stop by one of the registration tables to claim your prize.

Look & Learn
Explore the exhibitions on view and talk about the artwork and your ideas with artist Zak Arctander.