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Family Day: Spring Greening

Sat, Apr 14, 2012, 11  am–3 pm

Join the MCA in celebrating Earth Day. Look, make, and think together as you explore and create art that respects the environment.

Studio: Try to Fly
Explore the process artists often work through: create something, try it out, and then change what didn’t work as you construct a kite and see if it flies with artist Shoshanna Utchenik.

Studio: 100% Cotton
Inspired by the minimalist materials in The Language of Less exhibition, use only cotton balls as you work with artist Cheryl Pope to create patterns of all kinds.

Studio: Grow Garden Grow
With artist Alex Chitty, be inventive with paper as you sculpt and contribute to ongoing garden that will grow throughout the day.

Studio: Being Green
Make Chicago truly “green” as you work with artist Tim Nickodemus to transform the existing cityscape into a collaborative green artwork.

Scavenger Hunt
Use picture clues to find six artworks. Once your search is complete, stop by one of the registration tables to claim your prize.

Look & Learn
Explore the exhibitions on view and talk about the artwork and your ideas with artist Zak Arctander.