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Family Day: Places

Sat, Jan 14, 2012, 11  am–3 pm

Family Day

Family Day, March 13, 2010. Photo: Jolie Cota Flink, © MCA Chicago

With pictures, maps, and other creative materials, explore both real and imaginary places inspired by the photographs of artist David Hartt.

Studio: The Feel of a Place
Education Center, 1st floor
Inspired by David Hartt’s artwork about the Johnson Publishing Company building, creatively explore details about a place in your life with artist Tanya Fleisher.

Studio: Portable Space
Atrium, 2nd floor
Drawing from David Hartt’s interest in space, work with artist Annie Heckman to create a space that is all your own and can go with you wherever you go.

Studio: Shapes Build a Place
Lake Gallery, 4th floor
Work with artist Tim Nickodemus to construct a place made out of geometric shapes and lines inspired by the carpet in David Hartt’s exhibition space.

Studio: Mapping a Path
4th floor lobby
Inspired by David Hartt’s Stray Light, where the artist takes you on a path through an office building, use colorful shapes to map out paths you take in your life with artist Kristin Sabatino.

Scavenger Hunt
Use picture clues to find six artworks. Once your search is complete, stop by one of the registration tables to claim your prize.

Look & Learn
Designated start times. Sign up at the registration tables.
Explore the exhibitions on view and talk about the artwork and your ideas with artist Rachel Harper.