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Eiko & Koma
Film Screening and Artist Talk

Tue, Sep 20, 2011, 6–6 pm


Eiko & Koma. Photo: Philip Trager.

In this program, Eiko & Koma will share short films about their life and work. In My Parents(2004), their son Shin Otake narrates a film exploring his parents’ artistic influences, created in 2004 for the occasion of Eiko & Koma receiving the Samuel H. Scripps American Dance Festival Award. In Dancing in Water: the Making of River (2009), Eiko & Koma revisit their outdoor performance work, River, presented in 11 different bodies of water. Other films on the program include the dance film Undertow and a documentary about the inception of The Retrospective Project. Following the program, Eiko & Koma will discuss the films and their work with the audience..

My Parents, 2004 (12 min), created by Shin Otake
Undertow (1985) (8 min), created by Eiko & Koma in collaboration with James Byrne
Dancing in Water: The Making of River, 2009 (17 min) created by Eiko & Koma in collaboration with Shoko Letton
The Retrospective Project, 2010 (10 min), directed by Joanna Arnow in collaboration with Eiko & Koma

The screening and talk serve as a companion to the visual exhibition, Eiko & Koma: Time Is Not Even, Space Is Not Empty, on view in the galleries through November 13, 2011. The artists perform multiple times throughout the course of the exhibition:

More information about Eiko & Koma.