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eighth blackbird: In C

Sat, Mar 24, 2012, 10–10 pm


eighth blackbird
Photo: Luke Ratray

Following The Music of More program on Thursday, March 24, eighth blackbird stages a special concert of the landmark composition In C (1964), by Terry Riley. This influential work consists of 53 short, numbered musical phrases and more than 50 Chicago-area musicians perform with eighth blackbird.

The performance is a musical reaction to Jason Dodge’s A single bell tuned to C inside a wall, marked by lights, on view in the MCA’s The Language of Less (Then and Now) exhibition. The event marks a memorable moment for the budding new music scene in Chicago and showcases New Music Chicago, an important consortium of contemporary classical music groups, individual performers, composers and fans. Proceeds directly support New Music Chicago.

Don’t miss the chance to witness Chicago’s most daring classical musicians take the MCA stage in a boisterous and engrossing performance.

Artist roster for In C:

  • eighth blackbird: Matthew Duvall (Percussion), Lisa Kaplan (Piano), Tim Munro (Flute), Nicholas Photinos (Cello)
  • Anubis Quartet: Allison Balcetis (Saxophone), Sean Patayanikorn (Saxophone)
  • Chicago Composers Orchestra: Kyra Saltman (Cello)
  • Chicago Q Ensemble: Aimee Biasiello (Viola), Kate Carter (Violin), Ellen McSweeney (Violin), Sara Sitzer (Cello)
  • CUBE Ensemble: Patricia Morehead (Oboe)
  • Ensemble Dal Niente: Alejandro Acierto (Clarinet), Doyle Armbrust (Viola), Ammie Brod (Viola), Shanna Gutiérrez (Flute), Ryan Muncy (Saxophone), Russell Rolen (Cello), Chris Wild (Cello), J.Austin Wulliman (Violin)
  • Fifth House Ensemble: Clark Carruth (Viola), Herine Coetzee-Koschak (Cello), Crystal Hall (Oboe), Adam Marks (Piano), Melissa Snoza (Flute), Jennifer Woodrum (Clarinet)
  • Fulcrum Point: Stephen Burns (Trumpet), Kathryn Flum (Flute), Lewis Kirk (Bassoon), Rex Martin (Tuba), Jeremy Ruthrauff (Saxophone), Julianne Skones (Oboe)
  • Gaudete Brass: Ryan Berndt (Trumpet), Paul Von Hoff (Trombone), Scott Tegge (Tuba)
  • MAVerick Ensemble: Andrea R. DiOrio (Clarinet), William Jason Raynovich (Cello)
  • Northern Illinois University New Music Ensemble: Amanda Duncan (Percussion), Dan Eastwood (Percussion), Chris Mrofcza (Percussion)
  • Northwestern University Contemporary Music Ensemble: Derek Handley (Cello), Phillip Kim (Flute), Keyan Peterson (Percussion), Jessica Pollack (Clarinet), Holly Rudd (Flute), Ellye Walsh (Flute)