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Diamanda Galás
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?

Feb 23–25, 2012


Diamanda Galás. Photo: Kristopher Buckle.

“No other presence in new music is so dramatic, so frightening, so controversial.”
— American Music in the 20th Century

The distinctive vocalist, known for her haunting operatic voice with a three-and-a-half octave range, returns to the MCA Stage for two concerts of solo voice and piano. Diamanda Galás has selected material for these programs that invoke the subjects of death and condemnation, and the loner’s life. She performs selected pieces for voice and piano, including pieces from her AIDS songs written in the 1980s, as well as newer interpretations and compositions. The concerts are programmed in conjunction with the MCA exhibition  This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s. Each night she performs a selection from the following AIDS songs: O Death (traditional), Birds of Death (D. Galás), Let My People Go (traditional and D. Galás), Let’s Not Chat About Despair (D. Galás), and Artemis (Gerard de Nerval and D. Galás).

Her newer works are drawn from the pieces: The Cats Will Know (words by Cesare Pavese, music by D. Galás); A Man And Woman Walk Through a Cancer Ward (words by Gottfried Benn, music by D. Galás); the traditional Greek song Anoixe Petra (Lefteris Papadopoulos and Mimmis Plessas); A La Sierra del Armenia (anonymous); Der Stunde Kommt/The Hour Will Come (words by Ferdinand Freiligrath, music by D. Galás); Espergesia (words by Cesar Vallejo, music by D. Galás) and Jacques Brel’s Fernand and Amsterdam.

In addition to her concerts, MCA presents special screenings of her film collaboration with Davide Pepe, Schrei 27 on Fri, Feb 24, and Sun, Feb 26.

Running time: 75 minutes, no intermission


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