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Dawkins/Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago
Trans-migration: Triumph of the Tragedy

Feb 1–2, 2003

Ernest Khabeer Dawkins is a composer and saxophonist who has been Composer-in-Residence for a three-year project administered by the MCA, Chicago Park District, Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago, and Community Film Workshop of Chicago. The project is based primarily in the Englewood community area, and focuses on boosting jazz music activity through a performing group, a composer training program, and music workshops. Dawkins also composes his own works as part of this residency. The final work of the three-year project is a large-scale music-dance work created in collaboration with Muntu Dance Theatre. Trans-migration: Triumph of the Tragedy is an artistic examination of the migration of African peoples through the middle passage to North America, and from the rural south to Chicago and the industrial north. In this piece, the migration is presented in a reverse chronology. The performers include Muntu dancers, the Muntu drum corps, Dawkins’s residency youth group Live the Spirit band, a string ensemble, and guest musicians.