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MCA Talk
Lynne Warren on Paul Sietsema

Tue, Oct 15, 2013, Noon–1 pm

Lynne Warren

Lynne Warren

MCA Curator Lynne Warren leads a tour of Paul Sietsema.

About the Exhibition

Paul Sietsema explores what it means to be an artist now—amid the barrage of images; the telescoping of past, present, and future that instant access to information seems to provide; and the ease with which digital means can present alternate realities. He begins with traditional media—photographs and other items—that refer to specific bodies of knowledge (such as art history), realistically rendering them in meticulously worked drawings and sculptures. He then films these various drawings and sculptures, a process that can span two to five years, arranging and comparing the original images and objects with the ideas, information, and knowledge associated with them to explore how imagery and material affect our understanding of culture and history. This flattening out of history makes the subjects of his work accessible to the viewer in unexpected ways, suggesting new stories and connections over time.

The exhibition is organized by the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, and curated by Christopher Bedford, Director of the Rose Art Museum, Waltham, Massachusetts. The Chicago presentation is coordinated by Lynne Warren, Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.