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MCA Talk
Karsten Lund on Warhol and Marisol

Tue, Oct 29, 2013, Noon–1 pm


Karsten Lund

MCA Curatorial Assistant Karsten Lund leads a tour of MCA DNA: Warhol and Marisol.

About the Exhibition

The 1960s were important years for artists and friends Andy Warhol (American, 1928–1987) and Marisol (Marisol Escobar, American, b. France, 1930), and marked a formative period in the development of their individual careers. The two attended events together and each exhibited their work in solo shows at Eleanor Ward’s Stable Gallery as they came to be identified with the rising pop art movement. Warhol and Marisol even turned to one another as occasional subjects: Marisol made a sculptural portrait of Warhol in the early 1960s, titled Andy; and around the same time, Warhol featured Marisol in some of his early, and now legendary, films. Inspired by the multifaceted relationship of these two artists, MCA DNA: Warhol and Marisol presents a focused selection of their works, side-by-side, drawn primarily from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

MCA DNA: Warhol and Marisol is organized by MCA Curator Lynne Warren and MCA Curatorial Assistant Karsten Lund.