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Curator Tour: Urban China

Tue, Nov 2, 2010


Tricia Van Eck

MCA Associate Curator Tricia Van Eck leads a tour of the exhibition Urban China.

About the Exhibition

The exhibition brings together a retrospective of the magazine combined with a space transformed into a physical manifestation of its pages, as if exploded into three-dimensions. The installation charts networks of influences upon urbanism such as politics, economic growth, governmental policy, and planning, and how these translate to citizens’ often spontaneous and informal decisions and the impact this has upon cities. Offering an expanded narrative of how cities undergo changes, for the Chicago presentation Urban China: Informal Cities investigates the dynamics of urbanism and how metropolitan cities across the globe grow and change as they adapt to multiple influences including reurbanism and informal transformation. Urban China uses “informalism” as a catchall term that combines notions of the informal, or underground economy, with popular vernacular modes of remaking objects, buildings, and lives.