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Creative Music Summit

Nov 19–21, 2010

Part of the MCA Composers Stage series.

The Creative Music Summit unites more than fifty musicians/composers from Chicago and across the US for an unprecedented series of concerts by two of Chicago’s driving forces in the creative music scene: the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) and the Chicago Asian-American Jazz Festival (AAJF). The Summit celebrates the 45th Anniversary of the AACM and the 15th Anniversary of the AAJF. The three distinct concerts work together as a multiple bill performance. The MCA Stage co-presents the AAJF with the Asian Improv aRts.


Program Notes

Friday, November 19
Features two performances by AACM artists:

  • Brass Epiphany, directed by Renee Baker, features Jerome Crosswell, Ben Gay, Shaun Johnson, David Young, Leon Q. Allen, Larry Bowen, and Edgar Campos (all on trumpet); Zakiya Powell, Ike Jackson, and Steve Berry (all on trombone); Rajiv Orozco (tenor sax); Fred Jackson (alto sax); Greg Blackburn (flute); Dawi Williams, Josh Abrams, Alex Wing (all on bass); Alex Wing (piano); Bruce Nelson (vibes/timpani); Coco Elysses (percussion); Vince Davis (drumset); four violins, three celli, and more!
  • The second set features saxophonist, composer, and AACM legend Roscoe Mitchell. His New Experiments brings together Tomeka Reid (cello), Ari Brown (tenor sax), Nicole Mitchell (flutes), Mike Reed (drumset), and Harrison Bankhead (bass).

Saturday, November 20
(Please refer to a special note about parking/traffic below)*
Features Chicago debuts by leading and emerging Asian jazz artists from Asian Improv aRts:

  • New York-based composer/koto master/electronics innovator Miya Masaoka opens with LED Kimono Project, featuring Masaoka on koto performing with Mariko Masaoka-Drew (kimono movement), Michelle Handelman (video), and Arnold Davidson reading from the Futurist manifesto The Art of Noise by Luigi Russolo. This singular performance features Masaoka’s single handmade sleeve, embroidered with 444 LED lights that respond to musical and physical conditions and act as a low-resolution monitor interpreting live video.
  • For the second set, San Francisco composer/saxophonist Francis Wong and his hybrid group Legends and Legacies perform his newly commissioned Shanghai Stories, inspired by the memoirs of his father, and FLUX, created by and featuring Korean drum/performance artist/vocalist Dohee Lee. Joining Wong and Lee for this unprecedented grouping are New York composer/violinist/electronics artist Jonathan Chen, and Chicago luminaries Tatsu Aoki (bass, shamisen); Mwata Bowden and Edward Wilkerson (both on woodwinds); Dee Alexander (vocals); Amy Homma (taiko drum); and Sharwood Chen (movement).

Sunday, November 21
The  culminating celebration of the AACM’s 45th anniversary:

  • The first set features the AACM Choir directed by AACM co-founder Kelan Phil Cohran with Aquilla Sadalla, Aesha Scott, Coco Elysses, Ann Ward, Damon Lockes, Jerome Crosswell, Leon Q Allen, Saalik Ziyad, Talib Din Ziyad, Fanta Celah, Nicole Mitchell, Harrison Bankhead, Mankwe Ndosi and Arveeayl Ra.
  • Crowning the anniversary celebration at the MCA is Douglas R Ewart Inventions featuring Ewart with Jodie Christian (piano); Thurman Barker (drums); Mankwe Ndosi and Dee Alexander (both on vocals and percussion); Darius Savage (bass); Mwata Bowden, and Edward Wilkerson (both on winds and percussion); Duriel Harris (poems and percussion); and Khari B (poet and percussion).

* NOTE: 

On November 20, please allow 30 minutes for parking on Saturday due to the Festival of Lights Celebration. Expect heavy traffic caused by North Michigan Ave street closures from  4-8 pm. The MCA Stage concert will start at 7:45 pm and patrons will be admitted during the entire concert length.

Festival of Lights schedule:
Street procession kick-off at Oak St and Michigan Ave – 5:30 pm
Procession runs south on Michigan Ave to Wacker Drive
Fireworks at Wacker Drive – 7 pm
More information on the festival