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Chicago Humanities Festival:
Redmoon Theater

May 6–11, 2010


Image courtesy of the artist.

Stages, Sights & Sounds
The MCA Stage joins with the Chicago Humanities Festival to present fantastically imaginative theater for children.

Thursday, May 6, at 7 pm
Saturday, May 8, at 3:30 pm
Saturday, May 8, at 7 pm
Monday, May 10, at 7 pm

Tickets: Adults $11, Children $5
Buy Tickets Online
or call the MCA Box Office, 312.397.4010

Cape & Squiggle and Laika’s Coffin
Fans of and newcomers to Chicago’s Redmoon Theater are in for a treat. Stages, Sights & Sounds and Redmoon Theater present the premiere of a new multimedia shadow piece from Redmoon’s artistic director Frank Maugeri. Cape & Squiggle endears us to a lapsed superhero as he ponders his mission and mortality. This piece is presented with Maugeri’s Laika’s Coffin, an epic tale based on the biography of the doomed first animal in space. Soviet scientists and cosmonauts kidnap Laika, a child’s dog, and send the poor pooch on a space mission that will shorten its life yet give it a unique view of the universe. In the show, five suitcases open to reveal remarkable miniature Soviet-inspired sets while an operatic narrator, three puppeteers, and a full chorus animate the melancholy saga.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.