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Artists Up Close: Great American Novel, Revisited

Sat, Nov 1, 2008

Elevator Repair Service

Elevator Repair Service: Gatz, 2006. Performers (left to right): Laurena Allan, Scott Shepherd, Annie McNamara. Photo by Gene Pittman.

1:30 pm
Tickets $5, available by calling CHF at 312.494.9509

This panel discussion focuses on the idea and pursuit of the “Great American Novel,” and features John Collins, founder and artistic director of Elevator Repair Service; Wendy Steiner, Penn literary scholar; Nicholas Delbanco, author and University of Michigan professor of English; Morris Dickstein, CUNY professor of English; Kenneth Warren, University of Chicago professor of American and African American literature; and moderator Bill Savage, Northwestern University senior lecturer and literary culturist. When and how did this notion enter into our national cultural life? Is it a uniquely American preoccupation, and/or a distinctly male one? What impact have diverse voices had on the discussion’s course? Alternatively, is the pursuit of this white whale a silly and meaningless exercise? Organized by the Chicago Humanities Festival.