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Artist intervention in Alberto Aguilar’s Home Field Play: New Material, Growth Potential in the Private Sector

Sat, Jul 6, 2013, 3–4 pm


This live music performance by New Material (Mikel Avery, Leroy Bach, Tadd Cowen and John Preus) features original instruments made from household furniture by Preus.

John Preus is a Chicago-based artist, builder, and musician whose work explores forms of attachment, craft, art, and community life. Preus holds an MFA from the University of Chicago (2005). He studied at La Cipressaia, in northern Italy with Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky in the 1990s, and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002. He has roughly 16 years of building and designing experience. His education in the trades includes a 2-year apprenticeship with award-winning furniture maker John Nesset. Preus founded Dilettante Studios in 2010, which designs and builds cabinets, furniture, and residential and commercial spaces, predominantly using secondhand materials. He co-founded the art group Material Exchange in 2005, and until 2010 collaborated with co-founder Sara Black. Preus co-founded SHOP with Laura Shaeffer, currently in transition. Exhibitions of his work include the Huguenot House in Kassel, Germany; the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; the Heilbronn Kunstverein; the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft; the Betty Rhymer Gallery; the Hyde Park Art Center; the Smart Museum of Art, Chicago; and the Devos Museum of Art in Marquette, Michigan. Preus’s work will be featured in a solo exhibition in gallery 1 at the Hyde Park Art Center in April of 2014.

About Alberto Aguilar’s Home Field Play

On view Jun 29–Oct 13, 2013, artist Alberto Aguilar's Home Field Play is an installation of repurposed furniture, in which familiar household objects provide visitors with opportunities for play, interaction, and repose. A dining table is transformed into a mirrored ping-pong table, a carpeted area houses a musical game involving bells and balloons, televisions turned on their side invite visitors to play familiar movies in a new light, and a bed offers moments of rest, reading and contemplation. Presented in association with the exhibition Homebodies, Aguilar invites three Chicago-based artists to activate the installation with a series of performances.

Alberto Aguilar received his degrees from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA in 1997, MFA in 2001). He is currently a tenured instructor of studio art at Harold Washington College in Chicago. He coordinates Pedestrian Project, an initiative devoted to making art accessible to people of all walks of life. Aguilar’s current practice merges his various life roles and attempts to capture fleeting moments, personal discoveries, and his interaction with others using whatever medium is at hand.