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Armitage Gone! Dance
Drastic-Classicism, GAGA-Gaku, and The Watteau Duets

Apr 26–28, 2012


Armitage Gone! Dance, GAGA-Gaku
Photo: Julieta Cervantes

“Dance that explodes in every sense, dazzles the eye and remains vividly imprinted in your memory.”
— Nouvelle Observateur

Choreographer Karole Armitage, dubbed the ‘punk ballerina’ by Vanity Fair magazine, creates work inspired by physics, sixteenth-century Florentine fashion, pop culture, and new media. Drastic-Classicism (1981), one of her first works, features a strong 1980s aesthetic with dancers in ripped, black costumes and a rock score by Rhys Chatham, performed onstage by a drummer and four electric guitarists.

The sculpted, origami-based costumes of Issey Miyake signal the evening’s trans-cultural passage to GAGA-Gaku, a new work by Armitage made incandescent by her intense turns on Balinese dance, Noh theater, and the Japanese court music, gagaku. In a shift to Europe’s extravagant age of Rococo—and today—her bemusing Watteau Duets (1985/2009) peers into the complicity and erotic pleasures of the sexes.

The project is programmed in conjunction with the MCA exhibition, This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s.

Running time: 100 minutes, with intermission


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