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MCA Live
All at One Point

Tue, Nov 26, 2013, 6–8 pm


Sarah Belknap and Joseph Belknap
Image courtesy of the artists

In their recent work, Chicago-based artists Sarah Belknap and Joseph Belknap look to outer space and the wonder and curiosity it inspires. As the earth travels through space, objects formed in the cosmos come to rest on our planet. The poetry of this journey and the presence of extraterrestrial objects (in the form of meteorites) on Earth are of particular interest to the Belknaps.

Taking its name from the Latin word errare (which means to wander or go astray), an “erratic” is a rock that does not belong, geologically, to the area where it is found. Meteorite erratics are carried by glaciers, often over hundreds of miles, until they find a home in a foreign environment.

For their Tuesday Evenings at the MCA project, All at One Point, the Belknaps respond to the ideas of displaced objects and journeys made by alien forms with a series of large-scale foam meteorite erratics. These erratics are equipped with wheeled mechanisms that allow visitors to move them throughout the museum. At the end of the evening, the meteorites are brought together in the second-floor atrium and used as a platform for a series of short lectures and readings by local scientists, professors, and writers on the themes of space, displacement, and movement.