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Akram Khan Company

Oct 24–26, 2003

Akram Khan is a charismatic innovator who bridges classical Indian kathak and contemporary dance techniques. His latest hypnotic work, titled with the Hindu word for “if,” explores the connections between the mystical realm of ancient Hindu mythology and the rational principles of contemporary physics. “Hindu Gods, black holes, Indian time cycles, tablas, creation, and destruction” were the starting points for Kaash, created in a first-time collaboration with Turner Prize-winning sculptor Anish Kapoor and electronics composer Nitin Sawhney. Kapoor’s set is a dark, floating field that seems to exert a physical pull, drawing us inexorably into the depths of space. Nitin Sawhney’s driving rhythmic score is equally powerful. Kaash is danced by a cast of five international performers, including Akram Khan.