Q: How should I submit my letters of recommendation?

A: You can include original letters of recommendation in your application materials (preferred), or ask the recommendation writer to send them separately through email or mail. If you choose to have them sent separately please be sure to follow up with the internship coordinator to ensure that they have been received.

Q: How long should my writing sample be?

A: Your writing sample should be no more than two pages. It should demonstrate clear and intelligent writing and thinking as well as use of correct grammar and punctuation. Depending on the department to which you are applying, your sample could include grant applications, solicitations, academic papers, blog posts or an excerpt from a longer academic paper. You may submit one writing sample per department. Keep in mind that one sample may be enough. If you submit more than one sample please specify the department in the document title, for example you can label your curatorial writing sample as Doe, John_CurSample.

Q: Are transcripts necessary?

A: No, we do not require transcripts.

Q: May I submit an application prior to the deadline?

A: Yes, you may apply for a future term.

Q: Are international students eligible for internships at the Museum of Contemporary Art?

A: Yes. International students studying in the US with an F1 visa are eligible to apply. The F1 student must secure the appropriate authorization from the university they are attending, allowing them to participate in the internship. Such authorization is the responsibility of the prospective intern and must be secured before participating in the internship. The Museum of Contemporary Art does not consider applications from internship candidates with a J1 visa.

Q: May I reapply if my application is declined?

A: Yes. We hold on to applications for two years. To resubmit your application, email the Internship Coordinator at internships@mcachicago.org. Please state the term and year you originally applied, and that you would like to resubmit your application. You may submit any updated materials.

Q: Can I defer acceptance to another term?

A: Unfortunately, candidates cannot defer acceptance but are welcome to reapply for a future term.

Q: Are phone interviews allowed?

A: Yes. Many of our applicants live outside of Chicago. Interviews are conducted in-person or over the phone. Please provide accurate contact information on your application form.

Q: Are there specific start and end dates to the internship?

A: The start and end dates listed on the website are for general reference. Departments will work with selected interns to find the best start and end dates. Interns are expected to contribute at least 16 hours per week for 12 to 14 weeks.

Q: Are applications from high school students permitted?

A: Our internship program is specifically targeted for college students and recent graduates who wish to broaden their professional experience. However, high school students may email the Internship Coordinator to see if there are any appropriate opportunities. The MCA offers volunteer programs which are a great opportunity for high school students to participate in museum activities. Please view our volunteer page to apply or check out our Teen Creative Agency.

Q: Are there any age restrictions to be an intern?

A: If you plan on applying for Marketing, Media Relations, Special Events, or Rental Events you must be 21 or older due to participation in 21+ events. Your age is requested solely for that purpose.