Everything’s Here: Jeff Koons and His Experience of Chicago is an exhibition drawn largely from the MCA Collection that focuses on the art and artists Jeff Koons was interested in and influenced by during his formative years as a young artist in Chicago.

MCA Curator Lynne Warren shares her insights into the artists featured in the exhibition.

Karen Kilimnik


Karen Kilimnik’s work cultivates an unabashed sense of romanticism yet it retains a knowing criticality and awareness of the personal desire that we invest in both vaunted works of visual art and the more fleeting intrigue of celebrities and superstars. It also draws on the literary traditions of gothic mystery and fairy tales, presenting narratives that unfold over the course of a series of related paintings. Her expansive approach to cultural forms and the convincing inventiveness of her installations has had a profound effect on many young artists working today.

MCA Curator Dominic Molon and a series of artists, collectors, and academics explore different paintings within the exhibition.

Collection Highlights


Collection Highlights, a survey of contemporary art from the MCA’s unique perspective, charts our evolution as a major contemporary art institution over our 40-year history through many of the most significant works in the MCA Collection.

MCA Chief Curator Elizabeth Smith, Director of Collections and Exhibition Services Jennifer Draffen, and Senior Preparator Brad Martin examine the exhibition from multiple angles.

Gordon Matta-Clark’s Legacy


This retrospective celebrates the brilliance and radical nature of Gordon Matta-Clark’s work in various media: sculptural objects (most, notably, from building cuts), drawings, films, photographs, notebooks, and documentary materials. Matta-Clark’s work has particular relevance for Chicago. He created his last major work on the site of the MCA’s original building in 1978. The project, titled Circus orThe Caribbean Orange, consisted of massive cuts into a neighboring townhouse before its annexation and renovation into galleries.

In this lively conversation, artists Mark Dion, Sarah Oppenheimer, and Rirkrit Tiravanija join landscape designer Walter Hood to discuss Gordon Matta-Clark’s influence on contemporary architecture and design and how he continues to inspire their work.