September 9, 2013:
Pulling Up in Pullman

Posted February 18, 2014


Monday’s Dmitry-guided ride concluded in the fascinating microcosm of Pullman, the famous company town founded by railroad car manufacturer George M. Pullman in 1880 (the actual Pullman works closed definitively in 1981 after building its last ever car for Amtrak). A mural commemorates that railway century—now definitely a thing of the past. Pullman’s greatest contribution to that history is probably the sleeper car, first introduced in the late 1860s.


Aby Warburg doubtlessly made use of one to travel across the US in 1895, passing through Chicago from New York (which he disliked) to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California. At this point in time, we have yet to find out where in Chicago (or with whom) Warburg stayed, but we do know that he enjoyed a night out on the town and went to see a theater play.