September 9, 2013:
In Humboldt’s Park

Posted February 18, 2014


Dieter Roelstraete, Dmitry Samarov, and Goshka Macuga pose in front of a statue of Alexander von Humboldt, after whom Humboldt Park (the first station of a string of parks Dmitry drove us through that day) was named. The park was planned in honor of the centennial of Humboldt’s birth in September 1869. Humbolt was a pioneering explorer of Latin America; his first trip to the Americas dates back to 1799, and concluded in 1804 with a stopover in Philadelphia and Washington, where he was a guest of Thomas Jefferson.

With his brother Wilhelm, Alexander von Humboldt was one of the leading figures of the Prussian Enlightenment, driving the transformation of the dreary garrison town of Berlin into a world-renowned center of learning and discovery.  Goshka’s proposal for the 2014 Berlin Biennial is to stage the Chicago Comedy in the Humboldt’s place of birth and final resting place…