September 8, 2013:
A Sunday in Oak Park

Posted February 11, 2014


Five pictures snapped during a sunny Sunday afternoon in Oak Park, where we took Goshka to see the finest offering of Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the world. Visiting his house and studio, where this photograph of the master architect’s typewriter was made, was especially inspiring—the history of design has long been a source of inspiration for Goshka.


We imagined a meeting of the minds between Aby Warburg and Wright—they are only born a year apart, in 1866 and 1867 respectively—involving a debate about the Werkbund, predecessor of the German Bauhaus. Wright’s house was built in 1889 and expanded in 1899—a formative decade in Warburg’s life as well, during which he traveled to the US and actually visited Chicago. In two photographs, the current owner of a Wright house is seen talking on his mobile phone while sitting on the house’s roof—an incongruous scene. In another photograph, MCA curator Dieter Roelstraete is seen wearing a t-shirt co-designed by an artist colleague, half a salute to Wright’s native state of Wisconsin.