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Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes (audio tour)


Daniel Clowes is an acclaimed comic book artist and graphic novelist—although he prefers the designation “cartoonist”—with nearly fifty publications to his credit. He is also a highly reputed magazine illustrator (and regular cover artist for the New Yorker) and an Oscar-nominated screenwriter for the film adaptation of his 1997 graphic novel Ghost World, which is widely credited with establishing the graphic novel as a credible literary form. This major survey, the first museum retrospective of Clowes’s work, presents more than 125 original drawings and artifacts in an elegant, inviting installation combining today’s graphic style with shades of a Victorian parlor.


401_Susan Miller on the origins of the exhibition

402_Susan Miller on Clowes's process

403_Susan Miller on Clowes's early works

404_Daniel Clowes on "Art School Confidential"

405_Ray Pride on "Art School Confidential"

406_Daniel Clowes on "Eightball no. 8" cover

407_Susan Miller on "Ghost World" and David Boring

408_Daniel Clowes on the "Ghost World" cover

409_Ray Pride on "Ghost World"

410_Ray Pride on the filmic qualities of Clowes's work

411_Susan Miller on Clowes's recent work

412_Ivan Brunetti on Clowes's style

413_Daniel Clowes on growing up in Chicago

414_Ivan Brunetti on Chicago's community of cartoonists

415_Ray Pride on urban environments and scale in Clowes's work


417__The New Yorker_ covers

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