April 26, 2013:
50 E Congress Pkwy
56 W Adams
220 E Chicago

Posted April 26, 2013


After peeking into the lobby of Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler’s grand Auditorium Building, which, on its completion in 1889 was the tallest building in the city of Chicago, we made our way west to another not-to-be-missed architectural landmark, Holabird & Roche’s Marquette Building.


One of the earliest steel frame skyscrapers, the Marquette Building’s hexagonal lobby features an intricate mosaic freeze designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Jacob Adolph Holzer that depicts the building’s namesake, Jacques Marquette, who first travelled to the area with Louis Jolliet in 1674-5.


Lost in thought and a mad jumble of new ideas, our walk back to the MCA is charged with inspiration and wild dreaming about what will come next. As we think back over the last two weeks—the various paths followed, people encountered and places visited—it’s unclear what all of this preliminary research will add up to. What we do know is that Goshka’s research and the residency project are ever-evolving—stay tuned for more sneak peeks into her process in the months to come!