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Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity (audio tour)


Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity examines contemporary works of art that take as their subject the form, technology, myth, message, and image of that iconic building structure, the skyscraper. While the exhibition has particular relevance to Chicago, the city that is widely known as the birthplace of this architectural type, artists throughout the world—in addition to authors, filmmakers, poets, and undoubtedly architects—have been enthralled by the human desire to build farther and farther into the sky, testing technological limits while embodying a yearning for spiritual connection to the heavens. Artists’ endeavors to explore this desire have taken many forms, from video and film to sculpture, painting, and photography.


401. Skyscraper introduction (Michael Darling)

402. Burden's Chrysler Building (Michael Darling)

403. Perez's Marina Towers (Enoc Perez)

404. Carter's Untitled #3 (Jeff Carter)

405. Wegner's Buildings Made of Sky VI (Peter Wegner)

406. Tichy's Installation No. 3 (Jan Tichy)

407. Acconci's High Rise (Michael Darling)

408. Attia's Untitled (skyline) (Michael Darling)

409. Myrie's raze/raise-topple/top pull (Eliza Myrie)

410. Sosnowska's The Fire Escape (Michael Darling)

411. Kolding's Untitled

412. Feldmann's 9/12 Frontpage (Michael Darling)

413. Ögüt's Exploded City (Ahmet Ögüt)

414. Yin's Portable Cities (Yin Xiuzhen)

415. Genzken's Galerie (Gallery) (Michael Darling)

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