MCA Stage Upclose

MCA’s The Creative Agency Visits Theaster Gates


Posted April 5, 2012

TCA and Kuumba Lynx visit Dorchester Projects

Inside Dorchester Project, Photo: Lucy, TCA member

“Creativity is such a valuable commodity and artists should use their creativity not only to create beautiful works of art but also to help solve some of the many problems our communities and country is [sic] facing.”
—Lucy, The Creative Agency member

As part of Marc Bamuthi Joseph’s advance visit to MCA Chicago to prepare his red, black and GREEN: a blues (rbGb) peformances, he spent time working with youth groups across the city, including our very own, The Creative Agency (TCA).

Participating in TCA over the course of a two-year commitment, a small group of Chicago teens meet and work together at the MCA. The teens are driven by their passion to use contemporary art as a lens to understand themselves and the world. They learn to look critically and speak publicly about art, and to participate as young ambassadors of the MCA. We encourage you to take a peek at the enriching experiences and dialogue percolating on their Tumblr blog. A recent post highlights their visit to Chicago artist and rbGb collaborator Theaster Gates’s Dorchester Projects on the South Side with their peers from Kuumba Lynx.