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Origins Matter: Wrapping and Reflecting


Posted December 1, 2011

I have spent the last week and a half wrapping up and reflecting on the Dance Exchange performance. It was wonderful to interact with so many different and interesting people. In the process I think I learned a few things about the universe, the history of atomic testing in the US, and about myself. I hope that in the past week that you have also had a chance to think about the issues and themes presented.

One (of the many) things I was working on for this production was wrangling different groups of volunteers for this very large scale production. The Tea Servers: a core of volunteer dancers who have been working with the company all week, and the Provocateurs who were discussion leaders during the second act.

Over the performance week I had the chance to get to know the Dance Exchange company members, crew, and all the volunteers. I met, had great conversations, and now worked with some really amazing, talented, beautiful, and interesting people. I am usually so caught up in making sure that everything goes smoothly, that everyone has what they need, and trying to solve problems before they happen that I don’t often allow myself to step back and appreciate what is happening around me. Friday night at the end of the show I held a little thank you reception for everyone in the cast, circling the room chatting with different people over strawberries and cider. I finally allowed myself to stop worrying, and just enjoyed talking about the performance in a room full of new friends.

And it struck me later as I was driving home, at 11 pm, exhausted and happy…oh right…this is why I do this job…And I want to thank you all for coming on the journey with me.

You have seen the tea servers and provocateurs in rehearsal, now watch a clip from one of the performances.

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