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Origins Matter: Where Do We Begin?


Posted October 27, 2011

Dance Exchange performing Liz Lerman’s The Matter of Origins

Dance Exchange performing Liz Lerman’s The Matter of Origins. Photo: Jaclyn Borowski

Recently, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to a team of three scientists who discovered that our universe is accelerating by observing distant supernovae. What does that mean for those of us who don’t process things as quickly as the characters on the Big Bang Theory?  What does that imply for my grandmother’s unshakable faith that the world started as described in Genesis?  How can we feel secure that we have a place in the grand scheme of things?

In the midst of what could be philosophical chaos, we eagerly await the arrival of The Matter of Origins, the latest work by Liz Lerman and Dance Exchange. The Matter of Origins takes these questions, turns a kaleidoscope on the world, and crafts a story of our elemental beginnings. Dance Exchange – with dancers from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds — is steeped in the philosophy that dancers “comprehend action and make it real in thousands of variations.”  Watch a preview of the work here. When you join us to see the full-length performance, you may be moved by the extensive parallels between art and science. The dancers’ actions may expand your experience. They may introduce new connections for you to see.

We are bringing this performance here to appeal to your robust imagination. We want your brilliant musings and your preconceived notions. We will instigate cohesive ramblings via our virtual roundtable on this blog and want your comments to flourish in an open forum. Through it all, don’t forget to find us on Facebook, Tweet us (#upclose), and watch us on YouTube.  Let your questions beget more questions. Share them. Maybe we’ll find an answer together, maybe we won’t. This is a process, this is a beginning.

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