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IAIN BAXTER&: Works 1958-2011


Nov 5, 2011 – Jan 15, 2012

Iain Baxter legally changed his name to IAIN BAXTER& in 2005. He appended an ampersand to his name to underscore his belief that art is about connectivity, contingency, and collaboration with a viewer. A relentless emphasis on reaching out to the viewer, a core concern with ecology and the environment, and a belief that art must assume plural means and media, inform BAXTER&’s early credo: understanding that “art is all over.” This exhibition seeks to appraise the remarkable achievement of this artist, and to position his contribution in relation to mainstream histories of conceptual art, photography, and installation art.



Early career

Bagged landscape with water

Still life with five plastic bottles

Art or art

Reflected landscape

Light box photographs

Appropriation works

Bagged Rothko

The Camera's Eye

Reflected Paris beauty spots

Zero emissions

Television works

Landscape with sailboats

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