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Origins Matter: Chicago Humanities Festival’s Gordon Kane on “Understanding Origins”


Posted November 2, 2011

by Jaclyn Borowski

Our presentation partners, the Chicago Humanities Festival, recently shared with us the musings of Gordon Kane. In addition to collaborating with Liz Lerman on The Matter of Origins, Kane is a professor of physics at the School of Art & Design and is Director of the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics. His words are oddly soothing — leading us to believe that we can understand the complexities of science on our terms.

“Many people, perhaps most, want to gain insights into questions about the meaning of life and our place in the universe. As we have understood our universe better we have seen it apparently does not provide a base for meaning for our lives. It is not that physics does not tell us anything about meaning, but that the answer is not what we thought we wanted to hear. What we learn is that the meaning should arise from our relations to other people, rather than outside.”  

Read “Understanding Origins” by Gordon Kane

The MCA asks: “How does art help you understand science or your faith?”

As individuals immersed in the world of art making, we already believe in the intrinsic value of what we see, hear, and work tirelessly on every day. To get out of our heads a bit (and escape the office), we shifted our focus to patrons in MCA’s galleries.

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