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Karen Kilimnik


February 23 – June 8, 2008


Introduction Ingrid Schaffner

The Helfire Club episode of the Avengers, 1989: Dominic Molon

Drawings and Sculptures: Dominic Molon

Powder Puff by Bram Stoker, 1989: Michael Barsanti

Photography and Video: Dominic Molon

Andrea Blanche (Travel Essentials), 1991: Ingrid Schaffner

Drugs, 1991: Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith

The Bluebird in the Folly and the ballet: Dominic Molon

eau de joy, 2005: Jim Hodges

Me-I Forgot the Wire Cutters-Getting the Wire Cutters from the Car to Break into Stonehenge, 1982: John Waters

The Red Room in the Modern Architecture: Dominic Molon

Kilimnik's Paintings: Dominic Molon

Mary Shelley in London before writing Frankenstein, 2001: Michael Taylor

Redlands-Keith Richard's House, Day of the Drug Arrest, 1966: Scott Rothkopf

Chicken pox, 2004: Meredith Martin

Excelsior, 2000: Joel Lobenthal

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